What good is a law when it only impacts one election? Pat Quinn recently signed HB0105 into law, which changes election code only for 2014, so the question has to be asked; why does the November 2014 election need special laws?


The answer is straightforward, but no less diabolical. Pat Quinn’s governor term is up and he’s worried about his re-election. Illinois might be ready for a new leader, but can we get one when our governor is changing the law to suit himself?


What does HB0105 change? As we’ve discussed in earlier articles, it suspends the requirement for voters to present a government issued photo ID when they go to early vote. That’s not all; this law puts same day voter registration stations in universities and other early voting or permanent polling places throughout the state, allowing no time to check the authenticity of that voter. Photo ID and/or proof of citizenship will NOT be required to register to vote; these votes will be counted before anyone has had a chance to confirm the newly registered voters are citizens and have not registered to vote anywhere else.


Illinois has struggled for a long time with dead voters, but Pat Quinn is ushering us into a new age of election security. This November, it won’t only be zombies joining us at the polls; keep an eye out for Joe Schmoe, Mickey Mouse, and other imaginary people, too!


With our election code vulnerable to the whims of a privileged politician, there is only one lasting defense against voter fraud; election judges. They can still ask a voter for ID during early voting if they encounter a suspicious signature.


As our article last pointed out, the Chicago Board of Elections and Suburban Cook County Elections do not train their election judges in signature verification, but that’s about to change.


Defend the Vote’s goal for the November 2014 election is to train election judges on identifying signature fraud. Election judges who are serving in the upcoming election will be invited to attend a training course on signature verification, and they will be encouraged to take their training to the polls.