Defend the Vote : We are dedicated to empowering citizens to protect elections.


We are a non-partisan, non-for-profit civic organization dedicated to transparent and public elections and to assuring fair and accurate recording of the vote.


We come together for the purpose of supporting transparency and security in the voting process and because of a common passion for open elections.


We support ballot integrity to assure that no voter should be disenfranchised, that every eligible voter should be able to cast a ballot and that every legitimate ballot cast is accurately tabulated.


We recognize that technology has evolved in the last few years.  With it, balloting systems. Since 2000, the rise in electronic voting has changed how Americans cast their vote.  Inherent in electronic voting, is a lack of transparency of the voting process.


We are dedicated to restoring public access to all aspects of the voting process by studying how the vote is secured from a security perspective, and making this information available to the public.


Elections cannot be effectively or fairly conducted without the vital service of literally hundreds of thousands of election judges and poll workers across America.  Defend the Vote has complete confidence that the vast majority of Illinois Election Judges are simply fellow citizens honestly serving their community in a complicated role.  In no way do we intend to impugn the judges or their good service. Rather, Defend the Vote seeks to make available enhanced resources to encourage a security consciousness throughout the entire voting process.

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