This program is designed to ensure that no voter is disenfranchised, that every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot, and that every legitimate ballot cast is accurately tabulated.


Defend the Vote is non-partisan, knowing that regardless of viewpoint, each registered citizen has the same right - one vote. We welcome participation of groups who care about the integrity of the vote.


The best way to reach us is at


Defend the Vote

One West Surrey Lane
Barrington Hills, IL 60010


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#3 J smith 2013-12-02 19:26
new election tabulators was approved by the ISBE.

Election Systems and Software (ES&S) is requesting that our Board grant approval for a new piece of tabulation equipment, the DS 200, Firmware version e page 16)
#2 Joseph J.Herschberge 2013-10-05 22:05
On you tube, a computer expert admits in a Ohio state hearing that because computers are now used in American elections that it is very easy to STEAL elections by programming computers ahead of time before an election takes place.This computer expert admits that he personally helped a candidate by rigging a computer run election!This IS most likely what happened in the 2012 national election to re-elect Obama, a clearly FAILED President.The economy as it still is today was extremely sluggish and anemic almost needing Life support!Other Presidents were SOUNDLY DEFEATED for performing so badly Like Jimmy Carter.Yet when compared to President Carter, Obama's performance as President is STILL in 2013 far worse then even Jimmy Carter and Obama managed to get re-elected on such a DISASTROUS Job performance?Abs olutely NO WAY!Rather because the USA relies on computers for elections it was very EASY for the Obama operatives using computer experts to STEAL the 2012 election cycle so that they could complete the process of shoving Obamacare down the throats of the UNWILLING American citizens!It's been reported that about four million Republican voters did not show up at the polls because they were supposedly discouraged.Has the Republican Party ever investigated this false contention?Ever y Republican registered voter should have been questioned if they visited their voting sight and actually voted.I am sure the results would have been stunning showing that it was a myth that four million Republican voters were so discouraged that they didn't bother to vote.No,the real truth is that the majority of registered republicans DID vote but because computers now control elections,it was very EASY for democratic bought out computer experts to pre program computers to select Obama a as the choice even before the voter actually made their choice in lots of revealed cases!My point IS that the USA MUST RETURN to the MECHANICAL voting machines where STEALING elections are extremely more difficult!This SHOULD be a major project of Defend the In 2012 Spain, a socialist failing economy country was given the contract to "MONITOR" America's election for President.How did that work out?We are NOW on OUR way to becoming a socialist country thanks to a MARXIST President MIRACULOUSLY winning a second term worse then any term in the Jimmy Carter's Presidency!Afte r another full year under Obama we are now far worse off then in 2012! the deficit has INCREASED another TRILLION dollars under this dedicated MARXIST,Sociali st"President"wh o aims to DROWN our country IN MASSIVE financial debt so that we can NEVER recover!This is PURPOSEFUL under a pure MARXIST President Who despises everything America stands for.He is against the free market economy and his policies and decrees are AGAINST AMERICA recovering from this Obama DEPRESSION!Obam a won't be satisfied until AMERICA COLLAPSES FINANCIALLY RIGHT BEFORE HIS EVIL EYES!!!We must get away from computer controlled elections across AMERICA so that future closet Marxists cannot steal elections as this Marxist "President"has succeeded in doing.We ARE suffering in America directly because of the Marxist policies and directives of Obama.His EVIL vision is for the USA to become the United States of Socialist Republic with him as PERMANENT EMPEROR who goes golfing and enjoys the finest foods as the peasant masses in America suffer from poverty and disease with little or non-existent health care.
#1 Jed 2012-11-12 00:18
We just posted a link to your site at

Thanks for all you do!

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