The security of the electronic machines used in Chicago is going to be discussed during the Chicago Board of Elections' meeting on Tuesday September 10th, beginning at 9am. The manufacturer of these machines, Dominion Voting (the Edge Plus II machines were formerly owned by Sequoia), has discontinued manufacturing them and now only carries optical scan voting machines. Defend the Vote has been trying to get the security of Chicago's and Cook County's election machines reviewed as part of a vulnerability assessment by the security experts at Argonne National Laboratory, and this upcoming Board meeting is an important step toward that goal. 


One fact you should know: Dominion Voting has said we can test any of their products, except the DRE machines that are used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County.


Besides Chicago's Board, Dominion Voting executives, and Argonne Lab, we have invited David Orr and the Illinois State Board of Elections to attend. We also welcome the public to come and express yourselves on this critical issue to our state.


Come in, listen, and question the experts as they discuss the future of Chicago's election equipment. Did you know Chicago is about to purchase new equipment? We're looking forward to these changes, but what about the machines they have now? 


Join us Tuesday, September 10th, 9am at 69 West Washington Street, Chicago, Il 8th floor.

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