Illinois Law requires all voting systems to be approved by an independent lab as having passed the error testing standards set by 2002 HAVA laws (Help America Vote Act). DTV research proved that in December 2013, the manufacturer of these machines, Dominion Voting, pulled them from the EAC’s (Election Assistance Commission) testing and approval processes after they failed the error testing rates in two separate independent lab testing programs. Dominion Voting decided not to undergo further testing and stopped manufacturing the machines.


Unfortunately, two jurisdictions in Illinois had already purchased the uncertified machines: Chicago and Suburban Cook County.


Consequently, we have filed a HAVA complaint against the State Board of Elections for allowing these machines to continue to be used in both Chicago and Suburban Cook County. Our objective is to have them replaced before the 2016 elections. In addition, these machines are used in the following other locations:


Arizona - 1 county                             California - 22 counties                      Colorado - 4 counties

Illinois - 2 jurisdictions                       Missouri - 32 counties                        Nevada - Statewide

Washington - 5 counties                     Florida - 2 counties                           Wisconsin - 1070 municipalities

New Jersey - 1 county                        Pennsylvania - 1 county                     Virginia - 35 jurisdictions

It is important to note that by industry-wide trends, the voting systems manufacturers have moved back to paper ballots with optical scanners used to tally the vote. Electronic voting machines are a thing of the past, but can we get them replaced before 2016? The new scanners record the vote twice: by counting it and by scanning a copy of the ballot while it is counted to validate the count. This double verification process increases the security of the vote because it makes it more difficult for numbers to be faked.


Our HAVA complaint is preparing to undergo the legal process of mediation, and it is important for us to have competent legal representation. We have the ability to modify the original complaint without penalty, and with legal counsel might seek to enjoin others in the same complaint.



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